What are Art Prints?

Have you ever heard of art prints? You may have seen a lot of digital services out there that offer art prints in their stores. You can even shop online for these types of products at a discounted price by using black friday deals promo. Some go as high as hundreds or thousands of dollars, while some can be as cheap as less than a hundred dollars.

So what is an art print? It is a digital reproduction of an art painting or original art. As you may have known, original paintings can cost millions or even billions of dollars. Famous and rich people can afford to buy them even without special discount code. But for most of us mere mortals, we do not have the money and the resources to purchase at least one of these iconic paintings.

More affordable

Even if we do not have the luxury to put any one of the original pieces of art in our homes or offices, we are still admirers of the work of these people. Pablo Picasso, Claude Monet, Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo, Rembrandt, Frida Kahlo- these are some popular names with more famous hands. Their skills allowed them to create masterpieces out of the ordinary canvas and brush.

Most of these painters did not make money from their artworks. But today, their paintings amount to money that some would not even dare to mention. Fortunately for us, we can still put their paintings in our collection of galleries. We can do this through art print.

Different materials

You can buy art prints and choose the materials in which there are printed on. It really depends on the size of the print and the type of material that you wish to place at your home or office wall. Different materials have different costs. The more difficult it is to print the artwork on the material, the more expensive the art print would be.


Do not forget about the framing of the art print. Some art print frames can even cost the same as the art print itself. Since you are housing an iconic piece of art, it is recommended that you choose the frame that would best suit the painting and the overall design of your home or space.